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Use of the Japanese particle は

The usage of the Japanese particle は:

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Okay, do you think you got the usage of は down? Let’s go through a quick quiz to see if you have it. In the quiz, I’m going to use some more N5 vocabulary.   Can you translate these sentences?

Try to translate the following sentences. Click on the down arrow to see the answer:

1. This is fish.

これは さかなだ。
koreha sakanada.

2. This is coffee.

これは コーヒーだ。
koreha koohiida.

3. That is a coat.

それは コートだ。
soreha kootoda.

4. That is a postcard.

それは はがきだ。
soreha hagakida.

5. That (over there) is soy sauce.

あれは しょうゆだ。
areha shouyuda.

6. That (over there) is a heater.

あれは ストーブだ。
areha sutoobuda.

7. You are interesting.

あなたは おもしろい。
zasshiha omoshiroi.

8. She is pretty.

かのじょは きれいだ。
kanojyoha kireida.

Cheat Sheet with Usage and JLPT test questions:

N5 Grammar wa (pdf/96.74kb)