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Use of Japanese Particle が

The usage of the Japanese particle が:

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Okay, I hope you have a good understanding of how to use the particle が.  Let’s just check your understanding real quick with a quiz.  Can you translate these sentences?

Try to translate the following sentences.  Click on the down arrow to see the answer:

1. What do you like?

何が 好きですか?
naniga sukidesuka?

2. I like dogs.

犬が 好きです。
inuga sukidesu.

3. Who is (here)?

誰が いますか?
darega imasuka?

4. Mark is here.

マークが います。
maakuga imasu.

5. Where does it hurt?

どこが 痛いですか。
dokoga itaidesuka.

6. (My) hand hurts.

手が 痛いです。
tega itaidesu.

7. I don't understand Spanish.

私は スペイン語が 分かりません。
watashiha supeingoga wakarimasen.

8. I want the new iPhone.

私は 新しいiPhoneが 欲しい。
watashiha atarashii aifonga hoshii

Cheat Sheet with Usage and JLPT test questions:

N5 Grammar ga (pdf/96.18kb)