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Use of だ and じゃない

The usage of ~だ:

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The usage of ~じゃない:

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Okay, do you think you got the usage of ~だ and ~じゃない down?  Let’s go through a quick quiz to see if you have it.  In the quiz, I’m going to use some more N5 vocabulary.  Can you translate these sentences?

Try to translate the following sentences.  Click on the down arrow to see the answer:

1. (It) is a hat.

ぼうし だ。

2. (It) is important.

たいせつ だ。

3. (It) is not a ballpoint pen.

ボールペン じゃない。

4. (It) is not all right.

だいじょうぶ じゃない。

5. (I) am an overseas student.

りゅうがくせい だ。

6. (It) is bustling.

にぎやか だ。

7. (It) is not rain.

雨  じゃない。

8. (I) am not available. (I don't have spare time to do that.)

ひま じゃない。 (This is usually used in response to a question like “ひま ですか?”)

Cheat Sheet with Usage and JLPT test questions:

N5 Grammar Da (pdf/52.04kb)