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The ‘if’ game

The final game that I sometimes play is the ‘if’ game. This is a little bit more advanced than the last two and might be a bit slower because it takes a little bit more thinking, but that just means you’re learning a lot more in the process. This game also really helps with conjugation which can be really helpful for increasing your fluency.

Unfortunately, it only really practices one grammar point, the conditional, but it can be fun to use your imagination and your vocabulary to come up with some interesting ideas. The better your imagination, the longer the vocabulary will stick in your head.


1) The first person starts off by making an ‘if’ statement. For example, お金持ちだったら船を買う。 (If I were rich, I would buy a boat.)

2) The second person has to use the last part of the sentence to make a new ‘if’ sentence. For example, 船を買ったらびわ湖に行く。(If I buy a boat, I will go to Lake Biwa.)

3) Keep going until you run out of ideas. Again, it’s a good way to use your imagination and help the time go by waiting in line.