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Figured I’d give it a look as it’s only $27 (as of 22/06/2013) which is hardly anything considering higher level text books cost far more than this, plus the kit content is pretty vast and constantly being updated.

Obviously it’s no replacement for real text books but it does contain a lot of useful info that no textbook will. Such as, a list of the vast majority of different resources you can use to help study (many free ones). You could waste a lot of time trying to track these down yourself whereas Mac has kindly listed them out and their pros and cons.
He also provides plenty of tips and advice on how to study and what will get you nowhere.
Other invaluable information is stuff like; test information and tips on how to plan out the different sections as a real killer for most is not necessarily not knowing the answers, but instead not being able to adequately allocate enough time to answer them all.

Two major good points are:
1. you pay a one off fee and get access to any and all future updates
2. possibly the most important, Mac is currently studying for N1 – so being a current learner means he’s much closer to the whole process than a teacher would be so can relate more and therefore give advice and insights that a teacher (especially a seasoned or native teacher) wouldn’t be able to.

Definitely give it a shot as there’s nothing to lose. You’re bound to find quite a bit of info you can use in there.


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