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JLPT Study Guide Kit | Pass the JLPT today

JLPT Study Guide Kit

“The JLPT Study Guide Kit”

The simple way to pass the JLPT guaranteed. Packed with study tools and video tutorials that walk you through how to study more effectively and efficiently.

Discover the tips and tricks that you’ll need to pass the test in less time than you thought possible. 

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What’s the Big Deal about the JLPT Study Guide Kit?

Designed for Busy People

Day 3 - Shibuya InteresectionI have been teaching language for over 8 years to every day people like you. People with demanding schedules, stress and distractions to deal with. The study guide is packed with tools you can use no matter how crazy your life is.

Constant Updates

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Unlike a regular book, the kit is being regularly updated. As new resources come available the kit will be updated to include them, so you won’t be left behind.

Great Value


Not only does the kit include all this stuff, your membership will also include lifetime access to any new premium features like grammar guides or courses. With content being added every month, this is a great deal.

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The kit will start saving you time from day one. Even if you are just starting or are an experienced language learner, there is something for everyone.

What people are saying about the JLPT Study Guide Kit:

Thank you for your immediate information and support – all went well.
I hope you will get many members, so that your efforts over the last two years will be rewarded.


Common Questions

What all do you get with the JLPT Study Guide Kit?

The kit is broken down into a 2 month short course (in a PDF):

  • Week 1 – Short term and long term goals, what level do you need to study for? What can you do after you have passed each level?
  • Week 2 – Finding time, in this section, I walk you through how to find the time to study and schedule out your study time so it gets DONE.
  • Week 3 – Locations, in this section, I walk you through one of the most important, but most overlooked things about a good study plan, the place you study. It is vital that you choose a good place for you to study.
  • Week 4 – Mental game, staying focused on your studies can be tough, I’ll take you step by step through some techniques that will help you stay on track, so you can achieve your goals.
  • 2nd Month – Choosing Activities, in this massive section, I go over several different types of activities that you can use to work on your specific weaknesses. I’ll also reveal the secrets of how to remember and recall all those vocabulary words and kanji you need for each level.

Plus over 90 minutes of tutorials and walk-throughs in HD video!

Plus tons of guides!!!

  • How to Choose an Appropriate Level Reading Book – I’ll go over the types of books look for level by level and how to look through a book and know it is a good fit for you. I’ll also tell you how to get the best deals on books in or out of Japan.
  • Reference Materials – I’ll go over the key resources you need to help you understand the vocabulary you’ll encounter during your studies. Not only information about dictionaries, but also thesauruses and where to find great example sentences.
  • Flashcard Systems – In this guide I walk through some of the top ways to study and retain vocabulary for the test as well as go over how I use them.
  • Reading Tips – How can you get the most out of your reading time? What do you do when you see a word you don’t know in your reading?
  • Listening Materials – Where to get good listening materials divided by level. What kind of material is good for you and how you want to study?
  • Listening Tips – How can you improve your listening quickly? What skills are important to master for you to become a good listener in a foreign language?
  • Where to go for Help – If you are self-studier like me, it is sometimes hard to find answers to the questions that inevitably come up. Here I go over some of the resources that have helped me out.
  • Choosing an Exercise Book – There are several different kinds of books that you will need to study to pass the JLPT. I go over each of the books by level, so you can pick out the right one for you.
  • Browser Extensions – To help you read Japanese online and look up words easily for both Firefox and Chrome.
  • Smart Phone Apps – The key apps that can help you maximize those little pieces of time you have during the day to study as well as what dictionary apps to use for both iOS and Android.
  • How to Speed and Up and Slow Down Audio – Do you have a recording where the speakers are going too fast? Slow it down. Do you want to increase your reading speed? Practice with a faster recording.
  • Test Taking Strategy – What sections of the JLPT are worth more than others, where you should spend more time answering questions, what questions you should answer first.
  • Learning Vocabulary – How can you really lock in vocabulary? What does it take to really know it?

That is a total of 13 different guides to help you with your studies in addition to the 2 month course!

What does the kit look like?

Discover how to choose the right reading material for your level!

Choose the Right Book for you!

Customize your studying with activities that focus on your weaknesses and match your schedule!

Japanese study tools

Discover what questions are worth more on the test, so you can get the highest possible score!

JLPT taking strategies

What if I don't like it, can I return it?

Try The JLPT Study Guide Kit Completely RISK-FREE With My 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

My goal is to see you succeed and pass the test.

And the only way I can help you pass is to get you started with the JLPT Study Guide Kit as quickly as possible.

That’s how you can gain access to some of the tips and tricks that have helped me succeed in my studies.

It’s all to help you study smarter and not harder.

So you can pick up the kit now with the full confidence that you can access everything completely risk free.

If you decide that the kit isn’t for you, you can simply cancel and I’ll refund the complete purchase price.

No problem, no hassles, no worries.

That’s how I take care of my readers.


I want the JLPT Study Guide Kit to be THE best guide out there for passing the JLPT. To that end, I will continue to add what works, and change what doesn’t work.

I am going to continue researching proven reading, listening exercises as well as proven memory techniques to keep the kit up-to-date and helping more people.

Since the kit will get bigger in the future, it will go up in price. Be sure to lock in all the updates at this low introductory price while it lasts.

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Obviously, this low introductory price of $27 won’t last forever.

I’ll be raising the price after this special promotional period, so lock it in now.

See you soon!