JLPT N5 Practice Test

This is a basic course that goes over each section of the exam and gives you some tips on how to increase your score. You can also answer the questions online and get your results in real time.

The JLPT N5 is separated into 3 testing sessions:

Vocabulary (25 Minutes on the real test)

ごいもんだい1 – Kanji Readings
ごいもんだい2 – Orthography
ごいもんだい3 – Contextually-defined Expressions
ごいもんだい4 – Paraphrases

Grammar and Reading (50 minutes on the real test)

ぶんぽうもんだい1 – Selecting Grammar Form
ぶんぽうもんだい2 – Sentence Composition
ぶんぽうもんだい3 – Text Grammar
どっかいもんだい4 – Comprehension (Short Passages)
どっかいもんだい5 – Comprehension (Mid-Size Passages)
どっかいもんだい6 – Information Retrieval

Listening (30 minutes on the real test)

ちょうかいもんだい1 – Task-based Comprehension
ちょうかいもんだい2 – Point Comprehension
ちょうかいもんだい3 – Utterance Expressions
ちょうかいもんだい4 – Quick Response

The quizzes below are in the same order as the practice test PDF, so if you take them in order it will be the same order as the real test.

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