JLPT N5 Kanji

In this course, we will be walking through the kanji needed to pass the N5 JLPT.  Each section goes over one kanji in depth with an easy to follow video as well as a practice sheet for you to practice writing and coming up with your own mnemonic so that you can lock this kanji into place.

Generally speaking, the kanji you see at this level are quite common kanji that you will see/read on a daily basis if you are using Japanese. Things like common actions, family members, numbers, directions and common function kanji that are used very often. And although ~100 kanji seems like a lot, it is still not as much as you need to read most material in Japanese. It is a good start though.

Learning kanji at any level involves two things – SRS (Spaced Repetition System) and exposure. SRS is a system of learning vocabulary, kanji (and sometimes grammar) that involves spacing out the items you are learning so that you review them at regular intervals, read this for more details. Exposure involves reading, listening, and using language as much as you can periodically. Kanji is something that needs time to grow, the number of times you study is better than the amount of time you spend in each study session.

This course will introduce you to all the key kanji, but be sure to do regular review with either the Ultimate Deck on Ankiweb or the N5 course on Memrise so that you can lock all these kanji in for the test.