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JLPT N5 Grammar – Premium

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This course is part of the premium package. In order to enroll, please sign up for the Premium Package.

In this course, we will be walking through N5 grammar with videos and practice sheets that have writing exercises and pair work so that you can lock in each grammar point.  Each unit finishes with a quiz where you can check your understanding of what you learned.

Be aware that the “Pencil Work” section of the study sheets is a PDF version of the online quiz at the end of each section.  You can print it out and complete it or you can complete the quiz online.  Either way, be sure to work your way through it and let me know how you did!

Although the grammar at this level might seem too basic to communicate that much, the grammar points you learn here are used in most conversations in Japanese.  As you move up through the levels of Japanese fluency, you will build on the core concepts you learned at this level, so it is important to have a solid understanding of each one.

I’ve done my best to design a course that is easy and motivating to get through, but if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I love hearing feedback on what we can do to improve the Japanese-learning experience.

Also be sure to use the memrise deck to review and improve your vocabulary while you take this course.

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